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Condition Assessments, Repair & Maintenance Contracts

Condition Assessments and Repair & Maintenance Contracts for hospitals and institutions. Water heating systems, refrigeration systems, autoclaves etc. I also do design, drawings, specifications, estimates, bills of quantities and site supervision.

Micromech Services - Building Services Engineer
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Air Conditioning Systems

Any type of air conditioning system from central chilled water systems to room units.

- 02

Ventilation Plants

Building and Industrial Ventilation plants such as extract systems, kitchen canopies, etc.

- 03

Steam Installations

Coal and oil-fired steam installations including steam and condensate reticulation.

- 04

Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration systems such as walk-in cold and freezer rooms.

- 05

Kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment (electric and steam) including drainage systems and grease traps.

- 06

Laundry Equipment

Installation of steam and electric laundry equipment.

- 07

Autoclaves in Hospitals

Autoclaves in hospitals with special attention to the saving of water consumption.

- 08

Water Heating Systems

Hot water heating systems such as hot water boilers and storage calorifiers.

- 09

Heating Panels & Systems

Heating systems with base board heaters, heating panels and fan convectors.

- 10

Medical Gas & Vacuum Systems

Medical gas and vacuum systems in hospitals.

- 11

Sawdust Extraction

Installation of sawdust extraction plants.

- 12


6 and 12 tier body cold and freezer cabinets as well as special ventilation for the removal of odours.

- 13

Mechanical Drives

Mechanical drives on hanger doors.

- 14

Sprinkler Installations

Automatic sprinkler installations.

- 15

Gas Fire Extinguishing

Automatic gas fire extinguishing systems.

- 16

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems in industrial buildings and at airports.

- 17

Traveling Cranes

Installation of overhead traveling cranes.

- 18

Maintenance Contracts

Compilation & project management of maintenance contracts.

- 19

Compressed Air Installations

Compressed air installations for both industrial and hospital services.

- 20

Repair & Maintenance

Repair and maintenance services on mechanical systems.

- 21

Renewable Energy Systems

Installation of solar panels and wind turbines.

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