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Mechanical Installations & Maintenance Services

Mechanical Installations & Maintenance Services at hospitals and institutions. This includes kitchen equipment, medical gas systems, autoclaves, refrigeration, air conditioning systems in theatres, incinerators, steam generating equipment and reticulation.

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Mechanical Installations

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services on mechanical installations at the Air Force Base Makhado since 1994, Boksburg, Krugersdorp and Vereeniging Prisons since 2003 and Air Force Base Waterkloof since November 2007. The type of maintenance service is the so called “RAMP” contract which is a 3-year comprehensive contract where the Contractor is responsible for maintaining installations in a good operating condition at a fixed rate.


Windows software developed during the Windows XP era includes programs on design such as psychrometric calculations and duct and pipe design and budgeting.  Database programs where also developed for the monitoring of the total water consumption at AFB Makhado, administration of the comprehensive maintenance contracts, call-centre at AFB Makhado and mechanical and electrical audits. The software is developed in C++ and the databases are either Paradox, Access or Interbase. The exe programs are still running on Windows 10, but the database programs need Windows XP.

Auditing of Hospitals

Auditing of hospitals in both Gauteng and Limpopo provinces. Following the auditing in the Limpopo Province maintenance contracts were prepared for all mechanical installations at all hospitals and health centres in the province with a total value of more than R100m.


Compressed air installations, workshop tools and machines, saw dust extraction plants, ventilation for spray paint booths, steam cleaning equipment, overhead traveling cranes, hoists, vacuum, high pressure nitrogen, cooling water supplies, etc. One of the more recent designs was for a ventilation system in the paint shop for the Gripen and Hawk aircraft.

Office Buildings & Hotels

All mechanical services normally required for office accommoda­tion such as ventilation, air conditioning, central heating, automatic sprinkler installations, water supply and reticulation, hydrants and hose reels.


Apart from normal air conditioning and ventilation installations, project experience includes specialist services such as baggage conveyors, automatically controlled hanger doors, decompression chambers for security measures, cold and freezer rooms.

Climate Chambers

Specially designed chambers in which temperature and humidity are accurately controlled for research purposes, fruit ripening experiments, etc. and growth cabinets.


Services include air conditioning installations, autoclaves, laundries, steam boilers including steam reticulation to kitchens, laundries and central heating equipment as well as hot water storage systems.

Training of Consultants

National Department of Public Works appointed consultants for comprehensive maintenance work at prisons during the first portion of 2001 and consultants were trained in the compilation of the contract documents.


Air conditioning systems in theatres, ICU, recovery areas, wards, etc., hot and cold-water storage systems and reticula­tion, medical gas, kitchen equipment, autoclaves, steam generating equipment and reticulation, incinerators, laundry equipment and mortuary cabinets.


Acoustical treatment of air conditioning plant and plant rooms for optimum sound level.

Public Resorts

Over and above ordinary air conditioning and ventilation, experience also includes heating of swimming pools.

Compilation of Standard Documentation

Compilation of Standard Documentation for maintenance contracts for Limpopo Province: Department of Health and Social Development.

Compilation of Maintenance Contracts
  • Steam and Hot Water Installations
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Installations
  • Refrigeration Installations
  • Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Autoclaves

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