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Mechanical Building Services Engineer

I am a retired Professional Mechanical Engineer and sole director of Micromech Services. Micromech Services offers full or partial sub-consultancy services to other mechanical consultants, Architects, Building Contractors and Developers in the Building and/or Industrial industry. Services include design, drawings, specifications, estimates, bills of quantities, site supervision, condition assessments as well as repair & maintenance services.

Micromech Services - Building Services Engineer
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Overview Of Services

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Mechanical Building Services Engineer

Mechanical Building Services Engineer for Consultants, Building Contractors, Developers, Architects for the full or part of the scope of services of a Mechanical Engineer for normal or additional services as originally published in the Government Gazette R1113, or the current regulations of ECSA.

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Micromech Services does not render a full Consulting Engineering Service for the Employer. He may get involved in negotiations, technical meeting, etc. with the Employer should it be required by the Company for which he has been appointed as Sub-Consultant.  As Sub-Consultant, Micromech Services may get involved to assist with the full or part of the scope of services such as Report and Estimating stage, the preliminary design stage and the Design and Tender stage as required by the Company which employed Micromech Services.

The Contract of Micromech Services is available here.

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Report Stage For Repair & Maintenance Services

One aspect of Mechanical Engineering which is not covered in the Gazette or ECSA documentation is the report stage for Repair and Maintenance Services. The basic reason for this service is to calculate the total cost for the repairs to the existing mechanical installations and the cost after and/or before the repairs have been completed for the maintenance thereof. The purpose of determining the total cost based on a calculated manner on the actual condition of the equipment is to allow the Employer to obtain the necessary funds for the implementation of a proper maintenance contract which ensure that the condition of the equipment will not deteriorate after the contract has been accepted and will remain in a good operating condition after the repair period has been completed within the contract period.

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The Maintenance Contract

The maintenance contract is not a cost plus type of contract but a well-designed contract which makes provision for penalties if the standard of maintenance is not maintained, it protects the Maintenance Contractor if the cost for a single breakdown is more than the maximum amount allowed in the tender and makes provision for a fixed monthly payment in accordance with the tendered price.  Normal escalation applies. More information on Condition Assessment is available on request.

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